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Baby Hub

Baby Hub Program

Baby Hub program 

Kimberly-Clark ANZ has been proud to support the Australian Red Cross and Baby Hub since 2020 as part of our ambition to support 1 million parents and young children by 2030.

This program is a joint venture between the community and the Australian Red Cross and has seen successful outcomes for nearly ten years. The team at the Baby Hub are helping babies on Elcho Island to thrive, by supporting growth metrics and working to reverse anemia and other issues. They also help parents grow their confidence and parenting practices from both Yolngu (term for Aboriginal people from East Arnhem Land) and Balanda (term for non-Indigenous person) approaches and perspectives.

In 2021 we donated a year’s worth of period care and baby care products, a library of new books and a new playground to the community, in addition to our regular annual program donation.

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Aotearoa's largest support service for the health and wellbeing of tamariki under-five and their whānau

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