Whistleblower Policy

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Encouraging employees to speak up under our Code of Conduct and new Whistleblower Policy

One of Kimberly-Clark’s core values is being authentic, which means that we continue our heritage of honesty, integrity, and courageously doing the right thing. We were founded on these guiding principles, and they are the standards we hold ourselves accountable to, each and every day. Part of being authentic is speaking up, asking questions, and raising concerns when we need guidance or are not sure that laws, policies, or procedures are being followed correctly.

If any Kimberly-Clark employees suspect something is not right, we encourage them to speak up as soon as possible. Our Code of Conduct guides our behaviour and globally, Kimberly-Clark employees are encouraged to make disclosures under the Code through our K-C Compliance HelpLine. We take unlawful and unethical behaviour very seriously.

In addition to this global policy framework, Kimberly-Clark Australia has introduced this Whistleblower Policy to explain how eligible employees or other stakeholders may make disclosures where they are eligible to do so under the new Australian Whistleblower Regime set out in the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth) and Tax Administration Act 1953 (Cth).

Please view our Policy for further details of how and when it applies.