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Innovative Products

For more than a century Kimberly-Clark has been transforming insights and technologies into innovative products and services that improve the lives of nearly a quarter of the world's population.
Scott introduces rolled toilet tissue
Kotex breaks down barriers
Kleenex debuts as cold cream remover
Pull-Ups redefines toilet training
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Improving Women’s Lives
How resourceful Red Cross nurses used Kimberly-Clark’s bandage material to create sanitary pads during their menstrual periods.
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The Roll that Changed History
Have you ever wondered what people used before the invention of toilet paper?

We turn great ideas into essentials.

Our history of innovation began with our founders who established a culture that encouraged entrepreneurial spirit, experimentation in product development and creativity in marketing.

As Kimberly-Clark grew, so did our reputation as a company that turns ideas into beneficial realities for our customers, shoppers and users.

Our passion for creating essentials for a better life for people everywhere has driven us to invent five of our eight major consumer product categories: facial tissue, paper towels, toilet paper on a roll, feminine pads and disposable training pants.

At Kimberly-Clark, the insights gained from our customers, shoppers and users drive us to continuously explore new ways to create innovative product and design solutions across our brands and increase our speed to market with new-to-the-world essential solutions.

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Protection You Can Throw Away
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I’m a Big Kid Now!
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No More Washing Diapers
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Teacher Fights Against Germs