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Millicent Mill


years of local manufacturing excellence

recycling efficiency achieved in 2020

reduction in emissions since 2015



Kimberly-Clark's Millicent Mill is located in South Australia and is the home of our iconic Kleenex and Viva brands, as well as our Professional products.  In 2020 we celebrated 60 years of manufacturing excellence and innovation in Australia. When we first opened, we employed 90 people, today we’re the largest employer in the South-East region with a team of approximately 400 people. In our first year of operations, we produced approximately 4,000 tonnes of toilet paper and tissue. Today, we produce approximately 85,000 tonnes per year. Millicent Mill has been a significant player in the development of the personal care category, with a long-standing history of creating high quality and innovative products. In 2020, we launched our 2030 Sustainability Ambitions which will see us reduce our environmental impact by half. Our biggest goal is to become carbon neutral in our operations and organisation by 2030. Read more about our Sustainability Ambitions here.
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Climate Impact
We've stepped up in the fight against climate change, including a global commitment to reduce our direct emissions (Scope 1 and Scope 2) by 50% by 2030. 
And in Australia and New Zealand, our goal is to become carbon neutral in our operations by 2030
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Millicent Mill Hosts Pop Up COVID-19 Vaccination Clinic: