Invoice Requirements

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Suppliers are required to submit all invoices electronically via Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) or our Kimberly-Clark Procure-to-Pay (P2P) Supplier Portal. Invoices must be sent according to the instructions on a Purchase Order.

All invoices must include:

  • A valid Kimberly-Clark PO number
  • Invoice date - do not invoice prior to goods being shipped or services performed
  • Quantity, currency, price per unit, and Unit of Measure (UOM) – matching the PO
  • Supplier’s company name and remit-to address - matching the PO
  • Material or Service description
  • Kimberly-Clark material number as shown on the PO - should also be shown on the packing list and Bills of Lading, along with a description of the product
  • If applicable, service or shipping date and Bill of Lading number

Other requirements:

  • One PO allowed per invoice – invoices with more than one PO referenced will be rejected
  • PO line number on the invoice must match the line number on the PO
  • All invoices must be billed to the Kimberly-Clark entity as specifically stated on the PO
  • Invoice numbers must be unique and no more than 16 characters long
  • All Services invoices are required to include supporting details and documentation relating to the services performed

Freight requirements:

  • If prepaid and billed back to Kimberly-Clark, backup documentation must accompany the invoice
  • Freight charges must be billed on a separate line

Unique Region-specific Invoice Submissions Requirements: