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Female Empowerment

Female empowerment

All over the world, women are disproportionately affected by gender inequality. As a global organisation and especially as a provider of period care products, we are passionate about empowering girls and women to help close this gap. We also know that when girls are empowered, their family and community benefit.

Fighting stigma & period poverty with partners

In addition to offering our free, syllabus compliant What's Happening to U? Education program around puberty and menstruation, we work with some important organisations to fight period poverty and reduce stigma across Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific.

Since 2015 we have reached more than 3 million menstruators with product donations and menstrual education. We work with our major strategic partners Share the Dignity and The Period place to advocate and educate around periods, as well as provide products to people in need.

We also are involved in a number of government programs in Australia, to help support with access to period products in public schools.

Learn more about our work in our Sustainability Snapshot, or through the articles below.

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Period Equity for Aotearoa
We’re proud to support The Period Place, New Zealand’s foremost period equity organisation
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Fighting period stigma
See how we're creating conversation in the media to help shift perceptions and fight stigma around periods 
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Period Poverty in Australia
Share the Dignity have been fighting period poverty and stigma since 2015
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What's happening to U?
Our free, syllabus compliant puberty program has reached over a million young people. Access now