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Kotex She Can Initiative

Kotex She Can Initiative

Working to ensure that periods and related stigmas never get in her way.

100 years ago, Kotex was created by nurses at the front lines who had to keep working even when they had their periods. Their resilience and resourcefulness inspired a brand and invented a whole new category. Today, Kotex has launched the She Can Initiative to foster resilience and help ensure women’s progress for the next 100 years.

Across the world over 800 million women and girls menstruate daily. Yet 500 million of them don’t have access to hygienic period products. In many countries there is such a lack of education that half the girls don’t even know what menstruation is when they get their first periods. Even in the most developed countries, the stigmas are still present. Shame and misinformation surrounding menstruation contribute to human rights concerns for women and girls, crippling their opportunities.

The Kotex She Can Initiative champions women’s progress by fighting period stigmas and the barriers they cause, by promoting access to education in schools and communities and by helping to open doors so women gain equal opportunity. Because no girl or woman should have to put her progress on hold for her period.

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Nothing getting in the way of her potential. The Kotex She Can Initiative is fighting to end period stigma and barriers to women's progress and champion women and girls everywhere.

Learn all about periods, puberty and how to talk about them openly.

My First Period My First Period
My First Period

Learn more about the first period, what to expect and how it's a completely normal part of life.

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Puberty Puberty

Guidance and information about puberty, both physical and social/emotional changes and what to expect.

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Parent/Teacher Guidance Parent/Teacher Guidance
Parent/Teacher Guidance

First period pointers to guide conversations and help stop period stigmas before they start.

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