Flush? Or Don't Flush?

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Kimberly-Clark makes a number of cleansing cloths under the Cottonelle®, Scott® and Pull-Ups® Big Kid brands that are safe to be flushed. These innovative products are engineered to rapidly lose strength as soon as they are flushed and move through properly maintained plumbing, sewage or septic systems.

However, we also make baby wipe products under the Huggies® brand that are not flushable. Please read the label on all wipe products and use as directed.


We stand behind the claims of our flushable wipes for a variety of reasons.

  • Kimberly-Clark's flushable products meet or exceed widely accepted industry guidelines for flushability and the Federal Trade Commission's standards on flushability.
  • Our flushable cleansing cloths use a patented dispersible technology that allows them to be strong in the package and durable for wiping, but to break up after flushing to clear properly maintained toilets, drain-lines, sewers, pumps, and septic and municipal treatment systems.

Further, in the most recent and largest sewer collection study, conducted in New York City in 2016, not a single Kimberly-Clark flushable wipe was found. Most of the materials collected in the NYC study were not designed to be flushed or labeled as "flushable," but are instead non-flushable materials (including baby wipes, household cleaning wipes, make-up removal wipes, feminine hygiene products, and restroom paper towels) known to burden wastewater infrastructure.

Kimberly-Clark is committed to helping consumers understand what is - and is not - safe to flush, and will continue to work closely with industry groups to ensure that accurate information is promoted.

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