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Powering Care

Investor Day 2024

Announces Strong Long-Term Growth & Return Algorithm with Organic Net Sales Growth Ahead of Market Growth and Adjusted EPS Growth in Mid-to-High Single Digits

Targets More Than $3 Billion in Gross Productivity Savings and Approximately $500 Million in Working Capital Savings

Commits to 100% Natural Forest Free Ambition Across Product Portfolio

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Individual Presentations

Full Events

Full invester Full invester

Kimberly-Clark 2024 Investor Day: Powering Care

Duration | 3:02:18

Individual Presentations

Mike Hsu Mike Hsu

Mike Hsu, Powering Care, Our Next Chapter of Growth

Duration | 27:32
Alison Alison

Alison Lewis, Powering Care, Accelerating Pioneering Innovation

Duration | 18:12
Tamera Tamera

Tamera Fenske, Powering Care, Optimizing our Margin Structure

Duration | 18:30
katly katly

Katy Chen, Powering Care, International Personal Care

Duration | 19:52

Ehab Abou-Oaf, Powering Care, International Family Care and Professional

Duration | 21:10

Russ Torres, Powering Care, North America

Duration | 17:51
Nelson Nelson

Nelson Urdaneta, Powering Care, Financials and Outlook

Duration | 17:35

Investor Day 2024: Powering Care, Q&A Session

Duration | 39:20
Mike Hsu

Individual Investor

We are leading the world in essentials for a better life by focusing on transforming insights and technologies into innovative, proprietary and profitable solutions that deliver superior returns to our shareholders.

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