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Materiality Assessment

Our 2019 assessment helped inform the backbone of our 2030 sustainability strategy. To continue our focus on topics where we can make the greatest difference, we conducted a refresh on our materiality assessment in late 2022.* Revised topics from our 2023 assessment continue to remind us of our stakeholders’ key issues, as well as teach us the value of ongoing considerations that highlight appropriate change. Moving away from the matrix table model, we are showcasing our material topics in this tiered format. All topics reflected in this assessment are important and material to Kimberly-Clark. Tier 1 represents the highest impact among the material topics, Tier 2 moderate-high impact, and Tier 3 the lowest of the material topics.


*Note: The materiality standard referenced here and across our sustainability reporting, including the materiality assessment, is different than the materiality standard applied under federal securities laws, and issues identified as material in this report may not be considered material for SEC reporting purposes.


Published June 2023