Receiving Payment

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Kimberly-Clark is focused on safe and secure automated payment methods. Through the Procure-to-Pay Supplier Portal, enrolled suppliers have real-time visibility to the status of their payments. Our globally approved payment options include electronic payments or card payments.

EFT Payments

Receiving payments via Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Payments provides secure and timely payment receipt and an automated payment application process. More information is available for this payment method in North America.

Card Payments

In North America, suppliers may have an option to receive payment via a secure credit card. While card payments may come with a fee, these fees can be offset by other benefits.

  • Purchasing-Card – Suppliers receive immediate payment upon order placement.
  • Single Use Account (SUA) Credit Card Payment – Kimberly-Clark delivers the supplier a secure one-time use credit card number that in turn is charged against. Suppliers enjoy this payment option due to the ease of use with fewer transaction activities and faster payment received from a virtual card authorization payment.

To determine if you are eligible for either card option, ask your Kimberly-Clark contact to confirm with Procurement.