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Sustainability has been central to Kimberly-Clark since we began operation more than 140 years ago

Throughout our history, we’ve continuously improved how we operate and embed sustainable practices into our business. We have set and achieved formal, long-range goals for the last 20 years, and will continue to set the bar high, so our consumers, customers and other stakeholders are aware of our efforts to make a positive impact around the world.

Ultimately, we strive to deliver on our value of caring for the communities where we live and work – so the environment around us and the people we serve will have a brighter future.


Tom Falk

Chairman of the Board
and Chief Executive Officer

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Challenged to be our very best

When we first set out to achieve our 2015 sustainability program in 2010, we knew it marked a shift in our thinking.

We pushed ourselves to look beyond the responsibility of our operational footprint into other areas throughout the value chain. We’ve forged stronger partnerships across our own teams and with customers, suppliers, business partners and nongovernmental organizations to achieve our goals.

Integrating sustainability – in its multiple facets – into the business is about realizing where the intersection of the world’s social and environmental challenges meet K-C’s business imperatives. Our long-term business success depends on it.

As we embark on another transformative shift with our Sustainability 2022 strategy, we will be relentless in our efforts to drive value and innovation, backed by the commitment of our teams around the world.


Lisa Morden

Senior Director,
Global Sustainability

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