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2015 Achievement

reduced water use by


reduced the safety incident rate


*as a Total Reportable incident rate

2022 goal

Live our values through proactive environmental and social programs that uphold our commitment to human rights, worker safety, anti-corruption and environmental protection.

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Recently Lisa Morden, Senior Director for Global Sustainability, interviewed Sandra about her aspirations for Kimberly-Clark’s Global Supply Chain and Sustainability 2022.

“We have given ourselves ambitious goals by the year 2022, which are both challenging and exciting, as they stretch us to perform our very best,” said MacQuillan.

Connectivity is key in her vision – the more we talk about the social and environmental value that we want to create now and in the future, the more we will connect with our customers, consumers and our partners.

Watch Lisa and Sandra discuss our sustainability values and vision


Connectivity is also about how we can find different ways to do things by aligning and working with others external to the business.

“As technology evolves and as we learn more about what we can do, it is possible that we could have a footprint that gives back, rather than takes,” she said. “The huge amount of technological change that is happening provides so many opportunities for us to be more connected and more effective in what we do. There’s no stopping us.”


Lisa Morden grew up in the forests of Northern Ontario, Canada, and eventually moved with her family to the Middle East, among other places. Her father worked for a power company that partnered with the Canadian government on foreign aid programs in developing countries.

At an early age, she began to appreciate how the world differed from place to place. And it’s a perspective she carries forth in her work with K-C – from bringing environmentally-preferred products to market to culturally integrating a sustainability mindset at K-C.

Sandra MacQuillan has lived and worked in the United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Russia, Dubai, Europe and most recently relocated to the U.S. to join K-C in February 2015. She was drawn by the company’s values around authenticity, innovation, accountability and caring for communities and the environment, mostly because she knew they matched her own personal values.


All in this 


We're partnering with companies throughout the supply chain to promote safe and healthy work environments.


Building partnerships that cross traditional boundaries is an important part of our sustainablility strategy.

That's why we're a member of AIM-PROGRESS, a group of companies that work together to promote responsible business practices and a sustainable supply chain.

Last year, our team in China worked with AIM-PROGRESS to co-sponsor a Responsible Sourcing Forum in Shangai. More than 300 representatives from companies across China attended this groundbreaking event, including many of our suppliers.

There is no Substitute for meeting suppliers in person. Everyone understands that we're all in this together. By sharing what we know, we can contribute to everyone's success.”

Anthony Nguyen

Kimberly-Clark Corporate
Social Compliance Specialist

Promoting safe and healthy work environments can significantly improve employees' productivity and morale, which also leads to better business results. Anthony Nguyen, a Kimberly-Clark Corporate Social Compliance Specialist, highlighted the importance of continuous improvement at the event.

Other topics included third-party labor management, anti-corruption and anti-bribery, and employment labor-laws. Peer-to-peer exchanges, through Q&A sessions and sharing of best practices by participants, helped facilitate a productive dialog.

"Forums like these can have an enormous impact on business and on people's lives. The dedication of companies like Kimberly-Clark to strengthening the entire supply chain is crucial to the success of all," said David Lawrence, Executive Director for AIM-PROGRESS.

In 2015, we achieved 100 percent participation of our key suppliers in our Social Complaince Standards Program.




By exchanging experiences, we're bringing people closer together- And closer to Achieving our goals.

We know that achieving our sustainability goals demands us to be our very best.

It takes all of us working together to strengthen capabilities and collaboration across our global network. To do this our experienced team members across Kimberly-Clark travel to other countries to share experiences, transfer skills and solve problems.

We followed three team members who traveled from South Korea to various locations throughout the Asia-Pacific regions. They are applying skills and knowledge gained from years of experience with Yuhan-Kimberly, our joint venture in South Korea, to help other teams make progress toward their sustainability goals.

Beyond the immediate benefits of increasing the efficiency of our operations - which helps lower energy use and reduce waste - they are also building relationships, trust and ties between teams that have lasting benefits for the future.


Nam Hyung-kyu

Senior Mechanical Engineer

Motivated by his desire for a new challenge and an innovation project, Senior Mechanical Engineer Nam Hyung-kyu has been applying years of experience from our work in Korea to strengthen new operations in Nanjing, China.


Lee Seung-hyun

Operations Manager

Operations Manager Lee Seung-hyun is currently working at the Ingleburn mill, in Australia as part of a three-year assignment to improve operational performance and strengthen cooperation between our teams in Taejon, South Korea and Australia.


Moon Sung

Operations Excellence Manager

Moon Sung previously worked to implement LEAN manufacturing in Korea and Taiwan, making him a perfect candidate to apply this knowledge elsewhere. This year, he wrapped up a six-year assignment traveling between Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam, where he worked with our teams to bring LEAN management systems on-line at mills throughout the region.

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