Senior Leadership Team

Strong leadership and visionary thinking have built Kimberly-Clark into a global corporation focused on leading the world in essentials for a better life. Kimberly-Clark's senior leadership team sets the strategic direction of the company and supports our passion for continual innovation and our drive to meet the unmet needs of our customers, shoppers and users.


Mark A. Buthman

Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
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Thomas J. Mielke

Senior Vice President - General Counsel
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Lizanne C. Gottung

Senior Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer
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Anthony J. Palmer

President of Global Brands and Innovation
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Michael Hsu

Group President - Kimberly-Clark North America
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Elane B. Stock

Group President Kimberly-Clark International
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Kim Underhill

President - Kimberly-Clark Professional
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K-C Wins Catalyst Award for Developing Women Leaders

Kimberly-Clark is a winner of the prestigious 2014 Catalyst Award, honoring initiatives that expand opportunities for women and business.

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K-C giving smashes United Way records

U.S. employees increase donations by 6%, set new record for 5th straight year



Eco-friendly product packaging:

Some 98 percent of Kleenex tissue cartons sold in North America are made from 100 percent recycled fiber.

We're using lighter plastics where possible to reduce packaging by 5 percent by 2013.

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