Product Evolution

Behind-the-scenes look at the evolution of everyday products

Did you ever wonder how the essential products you use on a daily basis came to be? What was happening in the world that spurred Kimberly-Clark on to invent new-to-the-world products such as facial tissue, paper towels, toilet paper on a roll, feminine pads and disposable training pants? Why were disposable diapers invented and what role did Kimberly-Clark have in improving their use? How did all these amazing products become such an integral part of the fabric of our lives?

The answers are quite extraordinary and surprising. For instance, did you know that the material used to develop Kleenex tissue was originally intended for use as a filter for gas masks in World War I? Or that resourceful Red Cross nurses used bandage material as sanitary pads during their menstrual periods? While Kimberly-Clark didn't invent the disposable diaper we did develop several key innovations that have become standards in the industry. Read on to discover the stories behind these fascinating products.


No more washing diapers

Story of disposable diapers

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Protection you can throw away

Story of facial tissues

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One teacher's fight against germs

Story of paper towels

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Helping babies become big kids

Story of training pants

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Cotton substitute improves women's lives

Story of feminine sanitary pads

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The roll that changed history

Story of toilet tissue

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K-C Wins Catalyst Award for Developing Women Leaders

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Work with Purpose

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Eco-friendly product packaging:

Some 98 percent of Kleenex tissue cartons sold in North America are made from 100 percent recycled fiber.   Read more about Sustainability

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