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“Let’s Give Life Together with Huggies” adds life to K-C Russia partnership


Kimberly-Clark Russia recently conducted a six-week-long "Let's Give Life Together with Huggies" promotion in the Moscow area, along with Korablik, Russia's second-largest baby merchandise chain store, to raise funds for the nonprofit organization Podari Zhizn (Give Life), which provides aid to children with cancer.

For each package of Huggies diapers purchased from Oct. 1 to Nov. 15, 2009, Kimberly-Clark donated 15 rubles to Podari Zhizn. Kimberly-Clark also donated an additional 1.5 million rubles to the fund, for a total donation of 2.55 million rubles (about US$86,000).

The funds will be used to provide bone marrow transplants for children with cancer, including searches for non-relative donors, medicine and other related medical materials.

At a celebratory event, the director of the Serov School of Art presented a series of greeting cards designed by children who are benefiting from this donation as an expression of appreciation for the donation. Russian actor Artur Smolyaninov also attended the event to show his support for the organization.

"We often argue whether there is life on Mars or Jupiter or not," Smolyaninov said. "And much more seldom think that there is life here, much closer. The more actions like this, the better for all of us. It is important that people feel it and do not close their hearts, but be more opened up to each other."

"I think that the event completed remarkably," said Galina Chalikova, president of the Fund Podari Zhizn. "I would like to sincerely thank everybody who participated in the event. We strive for an increasing number of personal benefactors. Each month, thousands of people all over Russia contribute money to our fund. This event, with our partners Kimberly-Clark and Korablik, made it clear that there are other ways to help children."

In addition to the cause-marketing project and the financial contribution, volunteers and actors visited patients in the hematology department of Russian Children's Clinical Hospital and Moscow Regional Oncologic Dispensary twice during the promotional period. They brought toys, games and children's videos to help entertain hospitalized children.

Each weekend during the promotional period, in-store events were held with well-known Russian actors, including Miroslava Karpovich and Anastasia Sivayeva ("Daddy's Daughters"), Maxim Matveev ("Dudes"), Artur Smolyananov ("9 Rota"), and the actors from "Doctor Clown." They played games with the children and their parents, drew get-well pictures and made get-well messages for the patients.

"Kimberly-Clark was very excited to be able to participate in this fundraising opportunity for Podary Zhizn," said Anastasia Zhigalova of Kimberly-Clark Eastern Europe. "We first got involved with this charity last spring when Kimberly-Clark volunteers helped with renovations to make hospital rooms ready for children's cancer patients. Our employees also were involved in the May charity concert of Podary Zhizn. Both events left an indelible impression on our people. We wanted to conduct this event to call attention to the needs of these children and to work with our partner Korablik on a charity cause of interest to both companies. It was very successful. We raised awareness of the fact that, even in the case of cancer, there is always hope. And the number of people who understand that even their small contribution can make an impact was increased. And we demonstrated that 'helping together' is a joyful habit, which could be a part of everyday culture."

Kimberly-Clark also is a regular contributor of diapers, tissues and children's medical masks to Moscow-area children's hospitals and orphanages.

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