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Being involved in local community activities and helping to make Ogden, Utah, a better place to live and work comes second nature to Kimberly-Clark employees. Our Ogden employees are involved in a number of community organizations, adding value to and making an impact on this Northern Utah community. Here's a summary of some of our key activities in Ogden:

  • Last year, the Kimberly-Clark Ogden plant raised almost $300,000 for the United Way of Northern Utah. Although Kimberly-Clark is not the largest employer in Northern Utah, we have been the largest contributor here for more than a decade.
  • Kimberly-Clark also supports Enable Industries (EII), a nonprofit United Way agency that provides employment services to people with disabilities who desire to work. The Kimberly-Clark Ogden plant was named 2009 Partner of the Year by EII.
  • The Ogden plant is one of the founders of the Greater Ogden Athletics Legacy (GOAL) Foundation, created in conjunction with the 2002 Winter Olympics. Each year, we provide financial support, event volunteers and product donations.
  • The plant provides financial support to the XTERRA Triathlon and the Ogden City Marathon, and also provides product donations and event volunteers. In 2009, more than 40 Ogden employees participated in the Triathlon and Marathon events.
  • Groups of Kimberly-Clark Ogden employees also regularly volunteer to support Kimberly-Clark's Get Up and Ride Program, the Children's Miracle Network Telethon, and Habitat for Humanity.
  • The Ogden plant demonstrates its patriotic spirit by donating $25,000 to the George E. Wahlen Veterans Home.
  • Kimberly-Clark Ogden employees make contributions to nonprofit organizations of their choice through the company's Matching Gifts program. These contributions are matched dollar-for-dollar by Kimberly-Clark.
  • Ogden employees also volunteer on their own time for community organizations. Kimberly-Clark makes grants of $500 through its Community Partners program to organizations for which our employees volunteer at least 30 hours in one calendar year. Kimberly-Clark employees are active with a variety of organizations in the Ogden area.
  • Seven children of Kimberly-Clark employees in Ogden are current recipients of Kimberly-Clark Bright Futures Scholarships -- $20,000, four-year scholarships awarded to students on a competitive basis based on academics, achievements and community service.
  • The plant provides financial support and product donations to numerous other nonprofit organizations in the Ogden community.

We are proud to support Ogden!

"On behalf of United Way of Northern Utah and our 64 partner agencies, we would like to thank you for your generous employee and corporate pledge to the charities of our communities," says Robert A. Hunter, president and CEO of United Way of Northern Utah. "Your corporation has been our largest contributor for more than a decade in terms of dollars. In addition to assisting Primary Children's Medical Center and funding services for those families who have been impacted by current economic trends, your donations are helping United Way achieve these long-term goals:

  • Cut by half the number of students who drop out of high school.
  • Cut by half the number of financially unstable lower-income working families.
  • Improve by one-third the number of youth and adults who need to make better choices regarding behavior affecting their health.

And that's not all. Your contribution is not simply limited to dollars. The active community support of numerous local improvement projects by Kimberly-Clark employees is a huge benefit in terms of lifting the quality of life for all citizens. We're glad you're here. We congratulate you on 25 years on generous giving and 25 years of stellar service to our community and state."

In Summary: Kimberly-Clark's contributions to the Ogden community in 2009:

  • United Way: $300,000
  • Product Donations: $3,000
  • Community Partners Grants: $27,000
  • Volunteer Hours Logged: more than 2,200
  • Contributions from employees and Kimberly-Clark match from Matching Gifts program: $2,220
  • Bright Futures Scholarship Payments to children of Ogden employees: $25,000M
  • Other contributions: $15,000
  • Number of employees: 560

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