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In all of our Kimberly-Clark hometowns, K-C and its employees are involved in our communities - beyond being an employer and a responsible producer of essential consumer products. We like to be leaders and active participants in making our communities better places to live and work. Corinth, Mississippi, is no exception. Kimberly-Clark, our mill managers, and our employees are actively involved in a select group of organizations in an effort to make a positive impact on this northeastern Mississippi community.

Highlights of Kimberly-Clark's involvement in and support of the Corinth community:

  • Kimberly-Clark partners with several local schools, making cash contributions to support special recognition programs and making donations of office equipment, office supplies, and winter jackets for elementary school students. The company also donated a mill van to a local school earlier this year.
  • As part of local sustainability efforts, Kimberly-Clark is partnering with a local high school to plant trees and fight erosion. Plans are in the works to build an outside classroom this fall.
  • Kimberly-Clark Corinth is supporting community beautification efforts by maintaining the landscaping for the Highway 72 West "Welcome to Corinth" entrance sign and participating in the "Great American Clean-Up," picking up trash for more than a mile on each side of the mill entrance. We are also financial supporters of Keep Corinth Beautiful.
  • We make cash and product donations to a variety of other organizations in the community, and Kimberly-Clark employees serve on the boards of directors of several organizations.
  • Corinth's two mill managers are represented on the boards of directors of the United Way, the Alliance, the Alliance's Economic Development Council, the Rotary Club and the local Boys & Girls Club.
  • Each year, the Kimberly-Clark mills in Corinth conduct a workplace campaign during which our employees participate in fund-raising events and make payroll deduction pledges to the local United Way. Employee gifts and pledges are matched dollar-for-dollar by the Kimberly-Clark Corporation. During the 2009 campaign, Kimberly-Clark and its employees raised almost $133,000 for the United Way.
  • Kimberly-Clark employees make contributions to nonprofit organizations of their choice through the company's Matching Gifts program. These contributions are matched dollar-for-dollar by the corporation.
  • Our employees also volunteer their time for community organizations. Kimberly-Clark makes grants of $500 through its Community Partners program to organizations for which our employees volunteer at least 30 hours in one calendar year.
  • Five children of Kimberly-Clark employees in Corinth are current recipients of Kimberly-Clark Bright Futures Scholarships -- $20,000, four-year scholarships awarded to students on a competitive basis based on academics, achievements and community service.

"Kimberly-Clark's employees form the backbone of every community organization in the area. They serve as volunteers for health and human service agencies, cultural and historic foundations, economic development organizations, and religious entities," says Betsy Whitehurst, executive director of United Way of Alcorn County. "The employees are equally generous with their financial resources and their time, expertise, and wisdom.

"Kimberly-Clark's corporate support is exceptional. The fact that the corporation encourages employee involvement by financially matching funding to the causes the employees find important in the community as well as by rewarding financially volunteer efforts says volumes about the nature of Kimberly-Clark's Board of Directors and its executives. United Way of Corinth and Alcorn County is extremely grateful to Kimberly-Clark and its employees for their continued community support of all kinds."

K-C and its employees are proud of their track record of community support in Corinth!

In Summary: Kimberly-Clark's contributions to the Corinth community in 2009:

  • 350 employees
  • More than $133,000 in United Way contributions
  • $32,500 paid in college scholarships to children of Corinth employees
  • $40,000 in Community Partners grants
  • $24,000 in contributions from Kimberly-Clark employees and Kimberly-Clark corporate match
  • $8,000 in other contributions to area organizations
  • $6,300 in product donations
  • More than 3,544 community volunteer hours

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