Kimberly-Clark Stewardship Standards for Suppliers

Kimberly-Clark Corporation is committed to operate in an environmentally, ethically and socially responsible manner. This commitment includes maintaining safe facilities and operations and providing goods that are safe and minimize environmental burdens throughout their life cycle. Our suppliers play a key role in this commitment.

Kimberly-Clark's Supplier Stewardship Standard formalizes the expectations that we require of our suppliers. Kimberly-Clark regards this standard as a total supply chain initiative, and thus to be compliant, we expect our suppliers to pass these standards down to their suppliers to ensure conformance throughout the supply chain. Further, suppliers must operate in full compliance with the laws and regulations of the countries in which they operate. When local laws and regulations are less restrictive than these standards, suppliers are expected to adhere to Kimberly-Clark's standards. Failure to comply with internationally recognized standards, and the standards set forth in this document, will result in a review and possible termination of the supplier's contract.


Kimberly-Clark requires world-class quality for all purchased materials, products and services that consistently meet  customer’s and consumer’s needs, perform as intended and are safe for their intended use.  Our suppliers directly share in the responsibility to ensure that the highest degree of focus is taken to meet or exceed all specified safety, compliance, and quality requirements.  These product specifications and quality requirements may be defined in a supply agreement and a quality agreement as agreed by a Kimberly-Clark company and its external supplier. 

Kimberly-Clark Quality Policy

K-C Supplier Requirements for Full Material Disclosure

It is the policy of Kimberly-Clark to provide products and services that recognize a sincere and proper regard for public safety through regular assessment to ensure that they meet current regulatory requirements and public safety expectations (Kimberly-Clark Product Safety Policy).

Therefore, Kimberly-Clark will collect substance information for its materials, ingredients, products, and packaging. We gather the full chemical composition from the supply chain to not only confirm safety and regulatory compliance but also to enable us to proactively respond to emerging new regulations and chemicals of concern.  Supply chain transparency is critical for managing rising levels of risk in an environment where corporate supply chain practices are attracting increasing legal, regulatory, and consumer scrutiny.

To facilitate supply chain transparency for K-C:

· Upon request, Kimberly-Clark supplier will provide full material disclosure (100%) of the chemical composition of all materials, ingredients, products and packaging provided to Kimberly-Clark. Full material disclosure includes the trade name, supplier name, and concentration of each component.

· Supplier will Kimberly-Clark provide additional documentation and data such as, but not limited to, certifications, letters of compliance, and test data as requested to demonstrate or verify compliance.

· Supplier will Kimberly-Clark provide reasonable access to information on downstream component suppliers for the purpose of obtaining full material disclosure. Supplier will, at no additional charge, provide Kimberly-Clark such assistance as they may reasonably require.

· Supplier will Kimberly-Clark notify Kimberly-Clark prior to any compositional change.

Conflict Minerals

Our Company respects international social compliance and environmental principles aimed at promoting and protecting human rights and the environment. Our suppliers are required to source responsibly and adhere to our Supplier Social Compliance Standards. For Conflict Minerals compliance, all Kimberly-Clark suppliers will:

· Assist Kimberly-Clark in complying with government regulatory requirements on Conflict Minerals use and reporting, in all regions.

· Respond to Kimberly-Clark Conflict Minerals data requests such as the Conflict Minerals Report Template or other formats that K-C may deem necessary.

For materials and goods purchased by Kimberly-Clark, supplier will not source tin, tungsten, tantalum or gold from uncertified smelters in the conflict region, which consists of the Democratic Republic of the Congo and adjacent countries. 

Fiber Procurement

It is the Policy of Kimberly-Clark to responsibly source all of the wood fiber that it uses in its products and packaging. It is Kimberly-Clark’s intent to only source environmentally responsible fiber which includes recycled fiber, sustainable alternative non-wood fibers (e.g. bamboo, wheat straw) and virgin wood fiber from suppliers that have had their forestry operations or wood fiber procurement activities certified to one of the internationally-recognized forest certification schemes such as the Forest Stewardship Council. In the event that a supplier to the Corporation does not have certification of its forest lands or wood fiber procurement activities, the supplier will be given reasonable time to achieve certification. If a supplier is not in compliance with any applicable provisions of this policy, the Corporation will take appropriate action to address such non-compliance, which may include (i) an action plan for compliance or (ii) termination or non-renewal of the supply contract. Upon request, supplier must provide data demonstrating compliance. 

Kimberly-Clark Fiber Procurement Policy 



Kimberly-Clark offers products that are scented and also scent-free options to meet the needs of our customers and consumers. Our fragrances are created taking into account our internal safety standards, as well as the safety standards set by the International Fragrance Association (IFRA). For fragrance compliance, Kimberly-Clark suppliers will:


1. Provide a statement of compliance with IFRA standards for the relevant conditions of use for the current issuance of IFRA amendments.

2. Provide Information for the purposes of determining regulatory compliance and safety assessment.

Comply with the current Kimberly-Clark Fragrance and Essential Oil Standard. 


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