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Kimberly-Clark Corporation is a recognized leader in innovative technologies. At times this innovative energy produces great technologies that do not fit our needs, or have applicability outside of Kimberly-Clark's interest areas. Occasionally these technologies are made available for license or sale.

The following are some of the Kimberly-Clark technology packages available for license or sale. Select the technology to learn more and request further information.


Featured Technology Available for Licensing


DIZZOLV* Ion-Sensitive Dispersible Binder for Flushable Wipes

Kimberly-Clark Corporation is making their patented, ion-sensitive binder technology available for license to third parties for use in flushable products.

Potential applications for DIZZOLV* binder include:

  • Perineal hygiene
    • Moist toilet wipes
    • Incontinence care
    • Deodorant, intimate & feminine wipes
  • Skin care & general purpose personal cleaning wipes
  • Surface care cleaning wipes


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Aveho* Odor Control Technology

Aveho Odor Control technology consists of nanometer-sized silica particles with transition metals deposited on their outer surface. These metal modified nanoparticles capture and physically bind odor-causing compounds. By using different metals, Aveho Technology can be customized to control specific odor causing molecules. Request More Information

Aqueous Superabsorbent Coating

This technology is a coatable superabsorbent with binding abilities. The coating dries to form a cross-linked, water absorbent film on many substrates. Request More Information

High Loft Spunbond Nonwoven Materials

Kimberly-Clark is a pioneer in high loft spunbond materials made with bicomponent fibers. These spunbond materials are thicker and softer than typical spunbond nonwovens. Now, Kimberly-Clark is making this commercial technology available for license. Request More Information

Stain Removal and Cleaning Technologies

Multiple technologies, including stabilized hydrogen peroxide solutions for stain decoloring, dissolvable laundry detergent sheets for washing machines, and, fabric, laundry, carpet and upholstery stain removal products and kits. Request More Information

Water Filtration – For Sale US $50,000

Thirteen U.S. patents and foreign counterparts are offered for sale for US$50,000. These patents cover 1) a charge modified filtration media which removes microbes from water; 2) integration of the charge modified media with other filter media (such as paper or activated carbon); 3) water filtration devices, including faucet-mounted filters, refrigerator-mounted filters and carafes; 4) unique methods to indicate remaining filter life; and, 5) design patents on travel filtration bottles, filtered water pitchers and a sink sprayer. Request More Information

Bad Breath Indicator – For Sale US $90,000

This patented bad breath indicator is a simple device with a blow tube connected to an indicator which, when exposed to the chemicals in bad breath, changes color from blue to white. Request More Information

Software Testing Tool - For Sale

U.S. patent 7,490,319, and foreign counterparts, on a software tool that has an automated multidimensional traceability matrix system for determining linkages between interrelated system components. The system identifies a change in interrelated components, applies an automated multidimensional traceability matrix for executing test scenarios associated with interrelated system components that are affected by the change, and evaluates the results of the executed test scenarios. Request More Information

Dispersible Extruded Foam Cleaners

This technology is a combination of water dispersible foam and a cleaning formulation that delivers soap where it’s needed. Benefits of this delivery system include: task specific portioning, custom shapes, less packaging & transportation costs, and controlled release of cleaning solutions to promote many different cleaning occasions. Useful for personal care or home care applications. Request More Information

Warming/Cooling Products

Kimberly-Clark has developed a number of technologies that can be used to provide warming or cooling therapy through external devices or formulations. Request More Information

Body Moisturizing Film

This patented innovation combines a water dissolvable film with a moisturizer to produce a body moisturizing film. Benefits of this technology include an innovative moisturizer delivery system, and the ability to add other benefits such as UV protection. Request More Information

Quantitative Lateral Flow

These patents enable quantitative diagnostic testing with lateral flow technology. The patents cover the reduction of the hook effect, the simultaneous analysis of multiple analyte components, use of time-resolved fluorescence to increase sensitivity, and magnetic particles to condition both samples and the reporter substances on lateral flow test strips. Request More Information

Time Indicating Label

Kimberly-Clark has patented an innovative time indicating label. This single use label indicates a predetermined amount of time from the user activation point through a progressive color change. Request More Information

Fast, Quantitative Diagnostic Reader

This medical reader measures light transmission to provide quantitative results. The reader can perform diagnostic tests on bodily fluids, such as blood, urine, or sputum. Request More Information

Low-cost Conductive Papers and Nonwovens

Inexpensive, easy-to-manufacture conductive papers, tissues, and nonwovens open new areas for resistively heated and disposable electronic consumer goods. Request More Information

Touchscreen-Friendly Glove with Enhanced Tactile Response

This glove design incorporates two different materials where one material offers a higher tactile feel in the finger areas. Request More Information

Printed Activated Carbon Ink

An odor control ink that contains activated carbon for adsorbing one or more odorous compounds and a binder for increasing the durability of the activated carbon. The ink can be applied to various materials to give them odor absorbing properties while maintaining their drapability. Request More Information

K-C Wins Catalyst Award for Developing Women Leaders

Kimberly-Clark is a winner of the prestigious 2014 Catalyst Award, honoring initiatives that expand opportunities for women and business.

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K-C giving smashes United Way records

U.S. employees increase donations by 6%, set new record for 5th straight year


World's Most Ethical Companies

Kimberly-Clark has been recognized by the Ethisphere Institute as one of the 2013 World's Most Ethical Companies.

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