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At Kimberly-Clark, everything we do is motivated by our vision to lead the world in essentials for a better life. This vision inspires our efforts to improve the lives of people through the products we sell, and to care for the communities where we live and work through the programs that we implement.

We have bold ambitions across five priority areas, and our suppliers are critical to helping us deliver them. We also have several programs focused on social and environmental compliance, risk management and supply chain resiliency - all designed to create more social, environmental, and business value.

We invite you to continue to partner with us and share your best thinking and new ways of doing things as we continue to cultivate a responsible and sustainable supply chain.

Talking Sustainability video

Hear Mike Hsu, President, Chief Operating Officer,
Sandra MacQuillan, Chief Supply Chain Officer, and
Lisa Morden, Senior Director of Sustainability,
talk about sustainability at Kimberly-Clark.

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Sustainability Compliance

At Kimberly-Clark, we focus on working with our plants and suppliers to meet our social compliance promises supporting human rights, labor rights, employee safety, anti-corruption and environmental protection. Our environmental team members from around the world collaborate to build capabilities, continuously improve our systems and standards, and assess performance gaps in areas including air emissions, chemical management, water and wastewater treatment, and waste management and beyond.

We communicate our expectations for social and environmental compliance to suppliers through our published Supplier Social Compliance Standards and Stewardship of Supplier Standards. Suppliers are asked to sign a Declaration of Compliance.

Supplier Social Compliance Standards Audit Guide

Responsible Supply Chain_Social Compl Audit Guide

We provide a Supplier Social Compliance Standards Audit Guide to help suppliers prepare for compliance audits, monitoring, and onsite inspections regularly conducted by Kimberly-Clark Corporate Social Compliance teams. The audit guide - available in 10 languages - is an introduction to Kimberly-Clark, the Corporate Social Compliance team and the standards by which we will audit and remediate.

Chinese - Traditional


Chinese - Simplified









Understanding the latest updates and best practices in the social compliance field is key to keeping Kimberly-Clark's Social Compliance program robust and properly focused. Joining diverse groups and organizations that have global connections enables us to benchmark, develop best practices, offer internal educational opportunities, and to participate in forums in which the Corporate Social Compliance team can participate in developing our social compliance expertise. Read further to learn about the organizations of which Kimberly-Clark is a member.


AIM Progress

Consumer Goods Forum

UN Global Compact


Sustainability Collaboration

Kimberly-Clark tracks environmental metrics in its supply chain and generates environmental impact analysis for our products, manufacturing and suppliers through our Sustainability Collaboration Portal. As a supplier to Kimberly-Clark, sustainability collaboration begins with measuring and optimizing the environmental impacts of our purchases together.

We utilize a cloud-based sustainability performance management database that Kimberly-Clark’s Global Sustainability team uses to track and measure sustainability metrics. We use this data to deploy programs in support of various environmental initiatives, such as our Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified fiber commitment.

Sustainability Collaboration Portal

All of Kimberly-Clark’s operating locations provide environmental data for their sites. Water, Waste, Energy, and Greenhouse Gas Emissions are tracked to support our sustainability progress. We also include supplier environmental data to track and report external emissions impacts related to our purchases.

Supplier Participation

A supplier may receive a request to provide questionnaire responses related to direct material specifics, Green House Gas Emissions, methodology used, waste and landfill numbers.

We value supplier’s participation in this Sustainability Collaboration program because it enables us to have a productive dialogue on the ways we can collectively work to make reductions in our environmental impact.

Supplier Activation

Participating suppliers will receive an invitation to register on the Kimberly-Clark Sustainability Collaboration Portal. Upon acceptance, login credentials will be granted. The use of this tool is completely free to our suppliers.

Sustainability Collaboration Portal_Login


Sustainability Strategy

Sustainability has been a priority for us since we were founded almost 150 years ago. We know the importance of having sustainability be at the heart of our business strategy, and we are committed to integrating sustainable thinking into every part of our business from source to shelf.

Ultimately, we strive to deliver on our value of caring for the environment around us so that the people we serve will have a brighter future.

See how you can help us make a difference by reading about our strategies, achievements, and stories at


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