Kimberly-Clark is committed to providing simple and standardized transactional processes for our suppliers around the world. We value our supplier relationships and strive to be easy to do business with in all facets.

Kimberly-Clark Procurement teams leverage global sourcing and category strategies to drive best-in-class procurement performance and deliver the competitive advantage Kimberly-Clark needs to win in the marketplace.

Our Procure-to-Pay process starts with requisitioners in our plants or offices, and is facilitated by Purchase Orders being approved and delivered to our Suppliers. Once a Purchase Order has been fulfilled, Kimberly-Clark validates receipt and upon receipt of a valid invoice, initiates a timely payment.

  1. Purchase Orders
  2. Invoicing
  3. Receiving Payment
  4. P2P Supplier Portal


PO Requirements

These requirements facilitate a streamlined payment process for our suppliers.

  • Our suppliers are required to have a Kimberly-Clark Purchase Order (PO) prior to commencement of work or delivery of goods
  • If a PO has incorrect or incomplete information, DO NOT fulfill the PO, contact your Procurement Buyer to ensure the PO is correct prior to acknowledging the PO
  • Kimberly-Clark must approve any quantity variance from the PO or material substitution prior to shipment of the materials
  • POs must be acknowledged prior to invoicing
    • Suppliers must acknowledge all POs by submitting a PO Acknowledgment (POA) through the P2P Supplier Portal or system from which the PO was received
  • Kimberly-Clark must be informed of any changes to the supplier Tax ID number, banking information, contact person, company address, email address, phone or fax number
  • Correspondence regarding a PO received through the P2P Supplier Portal must be submitted via that Portal


Invoicing Requirements

All invoices must include:

  • A valid Kimberly-Clark PO number
  • Invoice date - do not invoice prior to goods being shipped or services performed
  • Quantity, currency, price per unit, and Unit of Measure (UOM) – matching the PO
  • Supplier’s company name and remit-to address - matching the PO
  • Material or Service description
  • Kimberly-Clark material number as shown on the PO - should also be shown on the
    packing list and Bills of Lading, along with a description of the product
  • If applicable, service or shipping date and Bill of Lading number

Other requirements:

  • One PO allowed per invoice – invoices with more than one PO referenced will be rejected
  • PO line number on the invoice must match the line number on the PO
  • All invoices must be billed to the Kimberly-Clark entity as specifically stated on the PO
  • Invoice numbers must be unique and no more than 16 characters long
  • All Services invoices are required to include supporting details and documentation relating to the services performed

Freight requirements:

  • If prepaid and billed back to Kimberly-Clark, backup documentation must accompany the invoice
  • Freight charges must be billed on a separate line

Unique Region-specific Invoice Submissions Requirements


How to Invoice Us

Suppliers are required to submit all invoices electronically via Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) or our Kimberly-Clark Procure-to-Pay (P2P) Supplier Portal. Invoices must be sent according to the instructions on a Purchase Order.

In few and predetermined cases, invoices may be received via an alternate method. Your Kimberly-Clark Procurement resource can advise you regarding the best delivery method.

Our P2P Supplier Portal enables e-document exchange of PO’s, Purchase Order Acknowledgment (POA), Advanced Shipping Notices (ASN) and invoices, with 24/7 visibility into payment status through the secure portal based technology.

Invoicing specifications for EDI follow standard formats, including EDI 810, XML and CSV.


EFT Payments

Receiving payments via Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Payments provides secure and timely payment receipt and an automated payment application process.

Unique Region-specific Payment Receipt information:


Card Payments

In North America, suppliers may have an option to receive payment via a secure credit card. While card payments may come with a fee, these fees can be offset by other benefits.

Purchasing-Card- Suppliers receive immediate payment upon order placement.

Single Use Account (SUA) Credit Card Payment-Kimberly-Clark delivers the supplier a secure one-time use credit card number that in turn is charged against. Suppliers enjoy this payment option due to the ease of use with fewer transaction activities and faster payment received from a virtual card authorization payment.

To determine if you are eligible for either card option, ask your Kimberly-Clark contact to confirm with Procurement.


P2P Supplier Portal

P2P Supplier_Portal_Computer

Simplifying Your P2P Experience.
Everything You Need. All in One Place.

The P2P Supplier Portal is an easy-to-use solution offering intuitive features that improve the day-to-day communications and transactional operations.

Suppliers enjoy free of charge:

  • Self-service and 24/7 visibility into transactions like purchase orders, electronic invoices and payment details
  • Integrated messaging features to correspond with us on questions regarding these P2P processes
  • A simplified way to make updates to payment and remittance information


See the Kimberly-Clark P2P Supplier Portal Procurement Policy for more information regarding expectations of using the portal.


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