Flush? Or Don't Flush?

We make a number of cleansing cloths that are safe to be flushed. However, we also make wipes that should not be flushed. Kimberly-Clark produces flushable cleansing cloths under several brands: Cottonelle®, Scott Naturals® and Pull-Ups® Big Kid. We also make baby wipe products under the Huggies® brand that are not flushable. Please read the label on all wipe products and use as directed.

All of our products that are labeled as flushable meet or exceed the current industry guidelines for assessing the flushability of non-woven products. Our flushable cleansing cloths use a patented dispersible technology that allows them to be strong in the package and durable for wiping, but to break up after flushing and to clear properly maintained toilets, drain-lines, sewers, pumps, and septic and municipal treatment systems.

Kimberly-Clark is committed to helping consumers understand what is and is not safe to flush and will continue to work closely with industry groups to ensure that accurate information is promoted.

We subject our flushable wipes to a variety of tests to evaluate their compatibility with wastewater conveyance and treatment systems.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our testing both in the lab and in the field ensures our commitment to flushability.

Toilet and Drainline test

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Slosh Box Test

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Municipal Sewer Pump Test

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Jar Test


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Flushability questions?

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Important Note:

Our Cottonelle®, Scott Naturals® and Pull-Ups® Big Kid flushable cleansing cloths are safe for flushing. In contrast, our Huggies® baby wipes should not be flushed.

Because all wipes are not flushable, please read the labels on our wipes products before you flush. Don't flush anything that's not clearly labeled safe for flushing.

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