Media Contacts

Kimberly-Clark worldwide media contacts

If you're a journalist looking to contact a company representative regarding the latest news or our innovative brands, please refer to the list below to determine the appropriate person.

For non-media inquiries regarding our United States and Canadian products, contact our toll-free consumer services line at 888-525-8388. In other countries, please search the appropriate contact details in our Contact Us section.

Kimberly-Clark World Headquarters

For media inquiries in North America, contact our media line at 972-281-1481 or send an email to our Media Relations mailbox.

Europe, Middle East, Africa

For media inquiries in EMEA, contact the media line at +44 1737 736456 or for non-urgent inquiries send an email to our Corporate Communications mailbox.

Australia and New Zealand

Julia Schembri
Corporate Communications Manager
Kimberly-Clark House
52 Alfred Street
Milsons Point
New South Wales
Australia 2061
Phone 61-2-9963-8888

Latin America - Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay

Fernando Hofmann
Kimberly-Clark Argentina/LAO Office
Buenos Aires Headquarters
Kimberly-Clark Argentina, S.A.
Av. Del Libertador
498, Piso, 24
Buenos Aires
Phone: 54 11 5354-8604


Pia Tyagi
Communications Manager, Asia-Pacific
12 Marina Boulevard
Marina Bay Financial Centre Tower 3
Singapore 018982
Phone: 65 6589 5134

Latin America - Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia, Venezuela

Juan Steverlynck
Buenos Aires (Rulero) Office
Kimberly-Clark Argentina S.A.
Libertador 498 piso 24
CP 1001. Buenos Aires
Phone: 54 11 4321 5838


Jessica Cai
Kimberly-Clark China
Beijing Office
No. 2 Jian' an
Economic & Tech Zone
Beijing, 100176
People's Republic of China
Phone: 86 10 8711 0016

Latin America - Brazil

Marco Antonio Iszlaji
Kimberly-Clark Brazil
Sao Paulo Office (Brazil)
Kimberly-Clark Brasil
Rua das Olimpiadas
205 - 6 Audar
Sao Paulo, SP,04551-000
Phone: 55 11 4503 4467


JaeWoo Lee
14th Floor, Haesung Building
942, Daechidong, Gangnam-gu
Republic of Korea
Phone: 82-2-528-1058

Latin America - Central America and Caribbean

Anabell Iglesias
Kimberly-Clark Central America & Caribbean
Sitio del Niño office (El Salvador)
Kimberly-Clark de Centro America, S.A.
Apartado Postal 145
Nueva San Salvador
El Salvador C.A.
Phone: 503 2319 4500

Contact Us

For North American Media Inquiries:
call 972-281-1481
or e-mail

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