Hitting the streets: Bringing PRIDE to the community


This year, PRIDE @ K-C partnered with some of Kimberly-Clark’s most well-known consumer brands to hit the streets and show the LGBT community that K-C and its brands value all consumers.


At local PRIDE Festivals, the group interacted with more than 300,000 consumers, educating many about Kimberly-Clark’s support of the LGBT community.

Kimberly-Clark strives to create a culture where all lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered (LGBT) employees and their allies feel protected and empowered in the workplace. Key to that effort is our "PRIDE (People Respecting Individual Differences Everywhere) @ K-C" Employee Resource Group, which provides support for employees in the workplace, contributes to education and training on LGBT issues, and recognizes the role of all employees in fulfilling the strategic goals of the company.

Bringing Kimberly-Clark and the power of its brands to the LGBT community is a primary initiative for the PRIDE @ K-C group. With more than 50 percent of LGBT consumers preferring to buy from companies that support them and an estimated buying power in excess of $721 billion, this consumer base is an opportunity that is hard to ignore. This year, PRIDE @ K-C partnered with some of our most well-known consumer brands - Kleenex, Cottonelle, Kotex, Viva and Scott brands - to hit the streets and show the LGBT community that Kimberly-Clark and its brands value all consumers.     

In 2012, the group represented Kimberly-Clark and its brands at the Milwaukee, Wisconsin; Knoxville, Tennessee; Dallas, Texas; and Atlanta, Georgia PRIDE Festivals, which provide an opportunity for communities to show support of its LGBT members and take a stance for equality. PRIDE @ K-C has been partnering with communities on these types of efforts since 2005. At the 2012 events, the group interacted with more than 300,000 consumers, educating many about Kimberly-Clark's support of the LGBT community. With the help of the consumer teams, the group handed out more than 500 cases of Kleenex facial tissue, 85 cases of Cottonelle bathroom tissue, 92 cases of Kotex feminine care products, 600 cases of Viva paper towels, and more than 100 cases of Scott branded products.

"Attending these events is always inspirational," says Ronnie Phillips, co-chair of the PRIDE @ K-C group in Roswell, Georgia. "You quickly realize how important Kimberly-Clark's brands are to our consumers. One consistent message that we continually hear from consumers at these events is, 'We use your products all the time and we're so glad that you support us.' And from employees we hear, 'Times like these make me proud to work for Kimberly-Clark.' It is great how involvement in an employee group can be so valuable to all parties involved."

The events also provided an opportunity to spread the word about the recent Cottonelle Hand and Face Moist Wipes marketing campaign, which marks Kimberly-Clark's first targeted marketing effort to the LGBT community. A Cottonelle street team attended each event to gain attitudinal and usage information, as well as to promote the brand's support of the community.

In addition, the group celebrated the recent news that the Human Rights Coalition recognized Kimberly-Clark in the 2013 Corporate Equality Index with a 90 percent score, further reinforcing that Kimberly-Clark cares about all employees and consumers.

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